If you are looking to learn a Martial Art that is suitable for beginner or advanced Martial Artists, Robson’s Family Karate is the place for you!
We have the perfect Martial Arts program for you. Whether it is confidence, self-esteem, fitness or just a hobby - Robson’s Family Karate will help achieve these goals and many more, along your journey in the Martial Arts.

Learn Martial Arts

Not only can Karate be a fun family activity, but it also has many benefits to students of all ages, including increased confidence, concentration and self-discipline. There are many different styles of martial arts, but the style we teach is a form of Karate called Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan...

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We run classes suitable for Adults, Children and Family classes where you can practise along side your children. Our classes are suitable for beginners and are run by qualified Soo Bahk Do instructors and are guided by the UK Soo Bahk Do Federation so why wait...

Get Fit, Grow your Confidence

Martial arts has many benefits for both adults and children including helping people to exercise and get or stay fit, improving self discipline, building confidence, learning self defense skills and boosting self esteem... but most of all IT'S GREAT FUN!

Ladies have noticed many benefits

So many of our current ladies find it a really FUN and FRIENDLY way to exercise and our beginners course is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness! We have been told the top reasons for joining are: Exercise, Confidence and Friendship!

What People Say

"Joe loves Robson's Karate - Jamie is great with all the kids. It has boosted his self confidence and he has learned to listen to instructions better and show self respect for others as well as great physical exercice"

Parents of Joe

"My three children genuinely love karate with Master Robson. It is great that as a family they can train together in class and at home, giving them a closer bond. Their training has become a way of life. They have also formed a great circle of friends from the classes as well as learning and developing new skills."

The McHugh family