Back to school time can be bitter sweet and comes with new dangers and obstacles. Whether it's something as little as making sure your kids get out of bed in the morning or as big as the bullying dilemma we are faced with today.

As parents, we can all agree that one of the most important things is the safety of our kids?

During this school year, here is one weekly Back to School TIP to help increase the safety of your kids?

Teach your child common sense survival skills.

It's a fact: the school's environment we live in is not always safe. School shootings and violence has become a part of everyday life. Learn and make sure your child knows your school's emergency response protocols including exits and when to conceal vs. cover. Panic usually occurs in response to confusion, so know the plan inside out.

Visit our website to see how survival skills is a big part of our program and how we can help enforce this ideal in your children??

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Times have changed? New technology offers children independence from their parents' involvement, in their social lives, with the use of mobile phones, instant message, and social networks.

Question? is...How do we lessen the distractions of technology and gain more intimate family time?

Family Time vs. Technology TIP of the Week:

Be a good role model

Teach and model kindness and good manners online. Since children are great mimics, limit your own media use. In fact, you'll be more available for and connected with your children if you're interacting, hugging, and playing with them rather than simply staring at a screen.

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Parents Choose Martial Arts because it is not only a team/family sport, but a lifestyle that works on building their kids strength both inside and out?

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