Jamie Robson Kyo Sa

Chief Instructor

Started 1994, member of the UK Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, under guidance of Master Hedges Sa Bom Nim.

Graded 1st Dan 16th January 2001, Horwich, Hedges Sa Bom Nim 5th Dan

2003 2 nd Dan 24th November 2003 Preston, Do Jang Hedges Sa Bom Nim 5th Dan
2003 Kyo Sa(Instructor) 24th November 2003 Preston, Do Jang Grand Master H.C Hwang 9th Dan, Master Yap 6th Dan, Master Hedges 5th Dan, Master Kidd 5th Dan
2006 3rd Dan 28 November 2006 Preston, Do Jang Hedges Sa Bom Nim 5th Dan
2008 UK Soo Bahk Do Moo Do Kwan – Technical Advisory Member

All grading’s up to 3rd Dan was conducted by Hedges Sa Bom Nim. All grading’s were both technical and knowledge based, and consisted of a thorough knowledge of the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan.

Training with Hedges Sa Bom Nim 1994 – to present.

Jamie started teaching karate (Soo Bahk Do) in 2001 shortly after achieving his first Dan, when his instructor Master Hedges Sa Bom Nim was preparing to open his full time school in Preston City Centre. In the early days Jamie taught at the Fulwood leisure centre class, twice weekly, until the Preston Do Jang opened and Jamie became a full time instructor teaching in all of Master Hedge’s schools, Preston, Clayton green, Horwich and Manchester. During his time teaching for Master Hedges, Jamie was privileged to see hundreds of members grow and develop themselves in the martial arts.

In 2007 Jamie moved from the north west of England to Northern Ireland and in January 15th 2008, he opened his first Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan class in Kilkeel sports centre. Originally only teaching classes on a Monday and Wednesday, this quickly grew to teaching five evenings a week in Kilkeel. 2010 saw Robson’s Family Karate open its second location in Attical Community centre.

January 4th 2011 we opened our third location in Newcastle centre and made the decision to close Kilkeel back to two days to allow a wider spread of the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan to be achieved throughout the County-Down district. With great pleasure Mr Jamie Robson Kyo Sa has been able to open his fourth location on August 3rd 2011 in Newry sports centre.

October 2012 signifies a huge mile stone in Mr Jamie Robson Kyo Sa martial history as he will be attending the Ko Dan Ja (Master testing) held in Korea. Ko Dan Ja is an eight day test, and not just based on physical skill but also mental discipline. The Ko Dan Ja is by invitation only and will allow Mr Robson the honour of being Irelands first ever Martial Artist to attend this.


Assistant Instructor

I have trained at Robson’s Family Karate since 15th January 2008. My instructor Robson Kyo Sa Nim gave me the opportunity to become an assistant instructor when I was promoted to red belt in 2010.

Since my promotion to Jo Kyo Nim (Assistant Instructor) I have been left to teach classes for a week while Robson Kyo Sa Nim trained in England with Hedges Sa Bom Nim, I assist in teaching classes six days a week assisting in both the children’s and adults classes.

On July 2nd 2011 I took my Cho Dan test (1st degree black belt). I was the first and only person in Ireland to take the Shim Sa. It was a huge honour and a great pleasure for Hedges Sa Bom Nim to come to Ireland to grade the Geup (Junior members) and to host the Dan grading (Black belt test).

I received my promotion to Cho Dan 11th December 2011. I have since been promoted to Cho Dan and to a full time Instructor I will be teaching Irelands first ever woman’s only Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan class.

Hopefully people will look at me in the same way as I have looked to my instructor Robson Kyo Sa Nim, as a role model and be inspired to achieve their goals in training at Robson’s Family Karate.

Robson’s Family Karate has helped me grow not just as martial artist but as person, the lesson’s I have learned over my time in class have grown my confidence, self-belief, discipline and goal setting skills.