The Style we Teach


Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan is a style of Karate. It originated in Korea in 1945 and was introduced to the UK in approximately 1977. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan as a “Martial Art” adheres to military hierarchy and discipline, but Moo Do means more than that. The character Moo means Martial or Military. When you think of the Military you often think of action, or action to help control combat. Moo actually means to “stop conflict”. The techniques that Soo Bahk Do teaches us do have effective combative applications, but they should be used as a last result.

The character Do means Path or Way. It is not a Path or Way in the terms of a physical road to travel, but rather a mental road. The Do or Path that the Moo Duk Kwan teaches is one of human relations. Although we are learning combative techniques, they are not the final answer.

The philosophy of the Moo Duk Kwan teaches use to solve conflict both within our self and between others through human relations, not violence. It gives us the mental strength and guidance to properly use our techniques for defense.


This is a not for profit organisation and that has been set up to ensure the growth and expansion of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, as well as serve its members. The formation of this Federation allows students who are teaching and training in Tang Soo/Soo Bahk Do to have access to the original teachings, allowing the growth of the style, whilst keeping it standardised.

As a student of Soo Bahk Do at Robson’s Family Martial Arts, it is mandatory that you are a member of the U.K. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation. Students should fill out and return the ‘Membership Application’ to the U.K. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation before their first test. Once received, they will receive a membership card and will be given access to the U.K Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan website where you can learn and discover more about this exciting martial art. All membership is valid for 1 year and should be renewed when expired. Some of the benefits students get as a member of the U.K. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation:

  1. Certified schools and instructors for high quality instruction.
  2. Study guides and materials for training and gradings.
  3. Clinics, workshops and camps.
  4. Regular newsletters.
  5. Visiting rights to other schools while on vacation.
  6. International rank recognition.
  7. Right to hold office and vote.
  8. Access to Grandmaster.

We feel that our link with the U.K. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation keeps us up to date and at the “heart” of this living art.